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1. Monographs

The Future of Rhodesia. Unservile State Group, London, 1965.

Economic Sanctions and Rhodesia (with D H Murray).
Institute of Economic Affairs, London, 1967.

The Economics of Public Investment in Education in Papua New Guinea,
University of Papua New Guinea Press, 1991.

2. Reports

Housing and Economic Development in Malawi.
Ministry of Finance (mimeo), Zomba, 1966.

Harmonisation of Fiscal Incentives in East Africa (executive officer)
Common Market Secretariat (mimeo), Arusha, 1971.

Intra African Economic Cooperation (co-authors Kjeld Philip and Kurt Nook)
UN Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, 1973.

The Scope for Multi national Industries in Africa (with R M Bostock).
UN Economic Commission for Africa, Addis Ababa, 1973.

Proposals for a Settlement in Zimbabwe, African National Council, London, 1973.

Multinational Infrastructure Undertakings and Economic Integration. UNCTAD, Geneva, 1973.

Scope for Greater Provincial Autonomy in Papua New Guinea (co-editor with A Axline and A Regan), Department of Provincial Affairs, Waigani, 1990.

Methods to secure the appropriate use of funds for Program-type aid (team leader), co-author Ron McGill, Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (formerly OECF), Crown Agents, Sutton, October 1999.

Morobe Gold Project: Risk Assessment, with Colin Filer and Sinclair Dinnen, CISA, October 2001.

Oil and Gas Sector Risk Assessment in Papua New Guinea, with Colin Filer and Sinclair Dinnen, CISA, December 2001

Feasibility Study of Wewak Power Station for EDCF (Korea), Provincial Government of East Sepik, June 2002.

Review of the Papua New Guinea Value Added Tax, National Economic and Fiscal Commission, Port Moresby, December 2002.

3. Papers

"Effectiveness of Government Plans" (cost:benefit analysis of Kariba Hydro electric Project).Proceedings, Rhodesian Economic Society, 1964.

"Sanctions and the `Long Haul' in Rhodesia".
African Affairs, London, 1968.

"Supply Responses of African Farmers",
Rhodesian Journal of Economics, Salisbury, 1968.

"Sanctions and Economic Development in Rhodesia",
Journal of Commonwealth Political Studies, London, 1969.

"Economics of Population Growth and Control in Developing Countries",
Review of Social Economy, Chicago, 1969.

"Reply to Stephen Enke"
Review of Social Economy, Chicago, 1970.

"The Economy of Rhodesia" (annual survey 1970-1980)
Africa South of the Sahara, Europa, London.

"Controllo della nascite e sviluppo economico",
Mercurio, Rome, 1971.

"Towards EurAfrica? Africa's relations with the enlarged EEC",
Moorgate and Wall Street Review, London, 1973.

"Africa and the EEC" Africa South of the Sahara, Europa, London, 1973 74.

"Rich and Poor Countries: an Agenda for President Nyerere's Dialogue".
African Affairs, London, 1977.

"Economic Prospects in Kenya"
Courier, EEC, Brussels, 1978.

"Africa and the Lome Convention" (annual survey)
Africa South of the Sahara, Europa, London, 1976 1980.

"Growth and Stability: Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Kenya" (co-author A.T. Brough) in
T. Killick (ed.),Readings on the Kenyan Economy, Heinemann,
London and Nairobi, 1981.

"The Evaluation of Human Capital", Papua New Guinea Journal of Education, Vol.25 No.2, Waigani,1989.

"All Taxation is Graduate Taxation", World Bank, Higher Education Symposium, Washington, 1992.

"The Political Economy of Education in South Africa", African Affairs, London, June 1993.

"`Pay as you earn', not `pay as you learn': the best method of financing education",
Participation and Educational Change (eds. Thirlwall and Avalos)
University of Papua New Guinea Press, 1993.

"Project Appraisal and Human Capital Theory", Project Appraisal,
June 1996

"Ethics of User Pays in Education", South Pacific Journal of Philosophy and Culture, 1997

"Economic and health efficiency of education funding policy" (with E.A.S. Nelson),
Social Science and Medicine, 48, 1999

"Public Sector Reform and the 1999 Budget in Papua New Guinea", Labour and Management in Development, vol.1, no.2, Canberra: ANU

"All taxes are graduate taxes: How the tax system delivers automatic recovery of government spending on higher education", Round Table, 356, October 2000

"Paying for UK Higher Education: a critical note", Royal Economic Society Newsletter, October 2000.

"A New Dawn for Papua New Guinea's Economy?" Pacific Economic Bulletin, 15, November 2000.

"Capital flight from Papua New Guinea". Pacific Economic Bulletin, 17, no.2, November 2002.

"Budgeting in a weak State". Pacific Economic Bulletin, 17, no. 2, November 2002.

"Scarcity amidst plenty: economic of land tenure in Papua New Guinea", in Land Registration in Papua New Guinea, State Society and Governance in Melanesia, RSPAS, ANU, 2003.

"Statistical myths give lie to White Paper", Times Higher Education Supplement, 2 May 2003.

"Privatization Policy in Papua New Guinea", chapter for forthcoming book on policy development in Papua New Guinea, edited by Ron May, Pandanus Press, ANU, 2004.

4. Acknowledged statistical contributions:

Constitutional History and Law of Southern Rhodesia, C. Palley,
OUP, Oxford, 1966.

Racism and Apartheid in Southern Africa, Reginald Austin,
UNESCO, Paris 1975.

The Economy of Kenya, Arthur Hazlewood, OUP, Oxford, 1979.

5. Shorter articles

The Guardian 1968, 1969, 1975
Financial Times 1973, 1974
Financial Mail (Johannesburg) 1979,1981
Venture, 1964-66
Times Higher Education Supplement, 1997

6. Book Reviews:

Kyklos, 1968
Journal of Royal Statistical Society, 1969.
Journal of Developing Areas, 1977
South Pacific Journal of Philosophy and Culture, 1999, 2000
Pacific Economic Bulletin, 15, June 2000
Labour and Industry, 2001

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